about us

CN Continental is a company based in Tortona, Italy, which has been operating for over 40 years in the plastics processing sector.
Situated in a logistically advantageous position, its production facilities are located in two plants which cover a total area of 35000 sqm dedicated to production, offices, warehouses and loading area.


CN Continental was founded in the 1980s by Paolo Bisio and is currently managed by the second generation, Pierluigi, Patrizia and Giovanni. The family business has become a leader in the plastics processing sector thanks to injection and blow moulding technology. It is well-known by large scale retail traders, key wholesalers, importers and experts of the sector.


Historically, CN Continental is specialised in producing camping products, specifically ice packs and cool boxes, gardening products and plastic garden furniture which it produces and sells in its own name both nationally and internationally, in Europe and as far away as Australia, South Africa and the Americas.

The company is also dedicated to the production of technical articles and components in plastic, specifically jerry cans and tanks. The experience gained over the years has allowed CN Continental to collaborate with companies and multinationals to produce technical articles and components for the automobile and white goods industry and they are also used in a wide range of other sectors.


The driving force of CN Continental is the ability to allow customers to transform ideas into reality. The customer is supported from the design stage right through to the finalisation of the plastic products.