Do you know which is the drawback of an ordinary ice glacette?

The continuous need to replace the melted ice, especially during the hot summer days. To say nothing of the bottle that need to be dried to avoid the risk of dripping all over the table.

Fresco is an innovative cooler bucket that allow to keep at temperature and/or refrigerate any beverage. The special patented refrigeration system, consisting of an ice packs array, guarantees that the bottle constantly remains in contact with the cold, drastically reducing the formation of condensation.

Once the cooling effect is exhausted, you have just to substitute the ice packs with those previously refrigerated. No ice cubes are needed to refresh bottle nor cloths to dry it.

Perfect for bars, restaurants, wineries, pubs and anyone who wants to keep beverage fresh during a dinner with friends.

It is a design and manufacturing product made in Italy provided of international patent.