Frizet T1000

CN Continental has been at the top of the international scene for decades when it comes to the production and sale of high density polyethylene ice packs (HDPE).
The characteristic trait of the company lies in the ability to produce container and content. CN Continental also produces the eutectic liquid which is placed inside the classic refrigerating blocks made of light blue plastic with a bear depicted on top.
Our ice packs are made with non-toxic materials and according to art. 17 of EC regulation n°. 1935/2004 concerning the principle of traceability.
Frizet ice packs are available in 6 models of different sizes, in a single or double pack (T200, T350, T500, T100, TL6, TBF), wrapped in a heat-shrink film.
Our ice packs can be customised in terms of labelling and colour; it is also possible to modify the superimposed graphics. This is a truly convenient solution for those who want to make their own 100% original ice pack, without the expense of producing a full mould.d.

Available colours
Light blue 

Single | Double



Technical specifications
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