NEVE T20 Electra Dual Power 12/220-240V

CN Continental produces and sells a vast range of passive and electric cool boxes in all sizes.
The thermal seal is guaranteed by a sheath of expanded polystyrene, which provides full insulation for the content. Not only the main body, but also the corners, base and lid are perfectly insulated, ensuring a high level of thermal stability.
Neve Electra cool boxes have a lid with an electric motor powered by Peltier cells, which can produce cold or heat inside the box. The 12 V or 220V power supply can come from a car cigarette lighter or from the mains.
Some of our articles can be sold in sets, a solution designed to satisfy the need of partners and distributors to optimise loads and reduce transport costs. The sets also have their own commercial value. They are ideal for promotional type sales.
The classic set comprises two cool boxes of different sizes, the smaller one (Gelo T18) is placed inside the larger one (Gelo T28). There are many combinations possible that involve different types of product: cool boxes, jerry cans and ice packs of different sizes.

Available colours
Light Grey (body) / Grey (lid) 

Single | Triple

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