Moulding on behalf of third parties

Our company has always produced blow-moulded containers and components for industrial use on behalf of third parties.
We avail of blow-moulding machines able to produce containers with a capacity of up to 500 litres and technical articles weighing up to 20 kg. Our injection presses can mould plastic materials up to 680 tons.

The trust we have earned from several prestigious companies in the industrial sector, has led us to gain lengthy experience in the production of plastic articles which are used in different sectors: from the automotive, to white goods, farming, cosmetics and many more.

Discover our technology

The raw materials primarily used are polyolefins like polyethylene and polypropylene; for specific applications we also use technopolymers such as ABS and polyamide.
Historically, we have planned, designed and manufactured all the equipment necessary to produce a wide variety of components and finished products such as:

  • car seats
  • tanks
  • containers for liquids and powders
  • hydrocarbon tanks
  • food cans
  • eutectic plates
  • lift for the disabled
  • plastic items for the nautical sector

We assist the customer, from the initial stages through all the development phases (feasibility study, 3d prototypes and pilot moulds, construction of final mould) to the mass production and delivery of the component or finished product.


We carry out routine maintenance on the moulds stored at our facility to ensure proper preservation and perfect operation. For non-routine maintenance we rely on trusted authorized workshops.

Storage facilities

More and more customers today request their suppliers to have the capacity to stock products to guarantee coverage in case of extraordinary requests.
To respond to this need, CN Continental makes available a covered warehouse (12,000 m²) and an outdoor yard area (18,000 m²).
Qualified staff and cutting-edge equipment keep the goods stocked in a tidy, clean and logical manner.

Product customisation

Do you want to resell our products with your own brand? With our customisation service we can modify the products in our catalog according to your needs. A great solution that allows you to have a tailor-made product without investing in new equipment. All our products can be customised by modifying:



engravings and writings


ean code





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One more thing: we do not retail. It is possible to place orders with a minimum quantity of 1000 pieces.